Night at the Museum: Hidden Treasures, also known as Night at the Museum: Hidden Key, is an android and iPhone app created by Pocket Gems, Inc. The game is free to play however you pay real money in order to obtain some items.


Get ready for a new adventure with your favorite characters from the NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies! Join some of history's biggest personalities as you search spectacular hidden object scenes, discover clues and team up with lively exhibits to save the magic from falling into the wrong hands and vanishing forever!

Game Features

Explore thought-provoking hidden object scenes and hilarious historical fun. Discover a new museum filled with colorful exhibits featuring Camelot, ancient Egypt, imperial China, and more. Use handy tools like flashlights, magnifying glasses, and photos to help speed up your journey through the museum. Team up with some of history's most memorable characters like Teddy Roosevelt, Attila the Hun, and Joan of Arc.

In-App Purchases

  1. Adventure Pack
  2. Pinch of Scarabs
  3. Big Box of Crowbars
  4. Box of Crowbars
  5. Pouch of Scarabs
  6. Pinch of Cash
  7. Pouch of Cash
  8. Pile of Crowbars
  9. Explorer Pack
  10. Chest of Scarabs