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Merenkahre is an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who is Shepseheret's husband, and Kahmunrah and Ahkmenrah's father. He is also the museum tablet's creator. This character is onily seen in Night at the Museum 3 and was portrayed by Ben Kingsley.


Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Larry had to bring Ahkmenrah, the Tablet, and his group to the British Museum of Natural History where the mummies of Merenkahre and Shepseheret are held in order to find a way to keep the Tablet from corroding.

It is explained by Merenkahre that, after Ahkmenrah's birth, he commissioned his high priest to create and tablet, imbuing it with the moon god, Khonsu's, magic and power to keep the royal family together, even after death.

Although a stiff, imposing, somewhat terse man, Merenkahre truly does love his younger son, Ahkmenrah, and his wife. When the tablet has a flare up and Ahkmenrah takes ill again, he is extremely worried and vehemently charges Larry to help the tablet and help his son.



  • In the second movie, he was mentioned along with his wife by Kahmunrah that they always gave Ahkmenrah the best of everything including the throne, which he thought in his opinion was rightfully his since he was the eldest.
  • When Larry Daley told him that he's part Jewish, he and his wife commented on how much they loved Jews and how they were always so happy until Larry corrects them.
  • When Larry Daley said to Pharaoh that he do not pray to Egyptian gods as the Pharaoh said Egyptian gods are the only to pray and then Larry says about believs of Sacagawea believs in the spirit of ancestors and Attila believs in the goat god