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Manual prop.

This Manual is a piece of paper that was composed by Cecil Fredericks, Gus, and Reginald.


When the Tablet of Ahkmenrah was first brought to the Museum of Natural History, Cecil Fredericks, Gus, and Reginald composed this "manual" to help them in maintaining the museum.

When Larry Daley got a job at the Museum of Natural History, Cecil gave him the manual to help him in his first night as he instructs him to follow the manual. Larry managed to do three of the instructions before the manual was destroyed by Dexter.

After his first night, Cecil advised Larry to brush up on his history since there is no copy of the manual.

Near the end of Secret of the Tomb, Larry finds the manual (which had been taped back together) in his locker.

Instructions on the Manual

Here is what is on the manual as revealed in the film and the official website:

  1. Throw the bone.
  2. Lock up the lions or they'll eat you.
  3. Double-check your belt. The monkey probably stole your keys.
  4. Tie the horses to the bench.
  5. Go inside the temple of Ahkmenrah and lock the sarcophagus.
  6. Close the dioramas, and pull their latches, over.
  7. Open the adjoining gallery to the African mammals. They will break the door when escaping the hunt.
  8. Duck!!! Be alert for rifle fire.
  9. Beat the war drum. The union and confederate soldiers will not battle if you get the beat right. Slow pace - like a lullaby.
  10. Earplugs are stored behind the crustacean display case. Get to them before the whale gets to its third chorus of whale song - it will bust your eardrums.
  11. Distract the Neanderthal men once an hour. If they complete sharpening their spears, they will hunt you. They're not very smart, you'll think of something.
  12. Throw the bone again. But not in the direction of the fossil exhibit.
  13. Don't let George Washington get talking. You have no time to chat and he is persistent.
  14. Lock the latch to the marine life exhibit before Christopher Columbus finds the aquarium. Chris will break the glass to set his ships a sail for new lands. It's a big mess.