New York
Employment Agent, Big Apple Employement Agency
Portrayed by
I may have one thing, they've turned down everyone I've sent over there... but who knows, you may get lucky
―Debbie to Larry

"Debbie" is a minor character in the film Night at the Museum. She is portrayed by Anne Meara.


Night at the Museum

Debbie is first seen in Night at the Museum when Larry visits the Big Apple Employment Agency in order to find a job so that he wouldn't have to find another place to live and also so he could still see his son Nicholas Daley. He meets with a woman who he says he has a connection so he calls her Debbie who tells him out straight that she can't help him due to his appalling resume. Larry then explains why he needs her to find a job for him, Debbie then tells him that she may have something at the Museum of Natural History.