Blue Whale

A Blue Whale appears in the film Night at the Museum briefly.


Night at the Museum

The Blue Whale comes to life with the rest of the exhibit. However, it can't move as it is attached to the ceiling of the Ocean Life exhibit. When Cecil Fredericks opens the doors to the Ocean Life exhibit, it releases water from its blowhole which blows Cecil away from the exhibit.

There is a part in the Manual that says "Earplugs are stored behind the crustacean display case. Get to them before the whale gets to its third chorus of whale song. It will bust your eardrums."

In a deleted scene and the trailer, Larry entered the Ocean Life exhibit and met the whale only for it to burp so loudly that it blew Larry back before he went through the door.

The Whale is 94 feet long fiberglass model, and weighs 21,000-pounds. It is a model of a blue whale found in 1925 off the southern tip of South America.


  • The Blue Whale is the only exhibit we see from the Ocean Life display.
  • The Blue Whale can be seen at the Museum of Natural History in real life at the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.
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