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Anubis is the jackal-headed God of Death associated with mummification and afterlife in Egyptian culture and voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Night at the Museum

A pair of 20-foot Anubis statues are displayed in the Temple of Ahkmenrah exhibit in the Museum of Natural History.

Larry Daley first saw them when Cecil Fredericks showed him around the temple for the 1st time during his tour. Cecil shined his flashlight at the statue on the left as they went in. They passed them again on their way out while discussing Larry's arrival hours.

On Larry's 1st night as watchman, he and Theodore Roosevelt passed by them on their way out of Ahkmenrah's temple. The statues watched them exit as Teddy replied to Larry's statement that all this was impossible: "Nothing's impossible. If it can be dreamed, it can be done. Hence the 20-foot jackal staring at you right now. Don't make eye contact!".

When Cecil locked Larry and his son Nicky in the Temple of Ahkmenrah, the statues (thinking their pharaoh was in danger) advance towards them with their spears. After releasing Ahkmenrah who has been mummified and trapped in his sarcophagus, Larry Daley asks him to stop the Anubis Statues from attacking Larry and Nicky. After talking to Ahkmenrah about his life, the statues put their hands on their chests. The Anubis Statues then break down the locked gate afterwards.

Night at the Museum Video Game

The Anubis statues in the New York museum are also shown in the video game. Behind the statues is an audio tour. When pressed, it will give you the facts about Anubis: God of Death.

When Larry uses his keychain with the cobra ingot to pull down the vase, the statues guard the exit to the room. Larry must use the animal ingot (due to the Anubis' being half-animal) to soothe them and return to their positions once they do.