Hé is by ahkmenrah

Anubis is the God of Death associated with mummification and afterlife in Egyptian culture.


Night at the Museum

Two Anubis statues attack Larry and his son Nicky in the Tomb of Ahkmenrah. After rescuing Ahkmenrah who has been mummified and trapped in his sarcophagus, Larry Daley asks him to stop the Anubis Statues from attacking Larry and Nicky. After talking to Ahkmenrah about his life, the statues put their hands on their chests. The Anubis Statues then break down the locked gate afterwards.

Night at the Museum Video Game

Two Anubis Statues in the New York museum are also shown in the video game. Behind the statues is an audio tour. When pressed, it will give you the facts about Anubis: God of Death.