Wrapped inside paper for a long time, and being inside a shell on display for 54 years until he was released by Larry Daley and Nick Daley, Ahkmenrah was an egyptian pharoah and the younger brother of Kahmunrah.

Nile River, Egypt

Ahkmenrah was dug up near the Nile River in Egypt, in 1952, during the Nile Expidition.

Cambridge University, Cambridge, England

His mummy, along with his 24-carat gold tablet, were brought to the Egyptology Department in Cambridge University to be displayed.

Museum of Natural History, New York

Afterwards, he was brought to [The Museum of Natural History] in [New York]. The tablet brought everything to life that night. He was guarded by two 20-foot-tall Jackal Guards.

British Museum, London, England

He decides to stay in England with his parents, where they are on display. He visits the Natural History Museum in New York 3 years later as part of a traveling display of artifacts from the British Museum.


His tablet was given to him by his parents some 3,000 years ago, entrusting him with one his people's most prized posessions. Kahmunrah wanted this to himself since he is the oldest he wanted the throne because he thought he would do a much better job then his brother

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